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Who can attend the ABC Youth Combine?

Any athlete from the ages 7-14 can register for the combine. Age level is based off the athletes age day of the event.

How does my athlete receive an invitation to the combine?

Submit an inquiry and your latest game film/ highlight reel of your athlete to info@AmericanBaseballCombine.com or DM any of social media platforms. We limit the number of spots to provide your athlete the best combine experience.

If my athlete isn’t playing select baseball, can they still attend the regional combine?

Yes, everyone has to begin their journey somewhere. Start your legacy here.

If there is unpredictable weather, will our athlete’s get their refunds? 

No, under these circumstances we will try to delay the event until weather clears. If the facility deems the complex unsafe for the athletes or have to cancel the event, we will allow the athletes to return to the next combine event for free.

My athlete is attending an regional combine. Do they need to bring baseball gear?


What should my athlete bring on the day of the event?

A: Your athlete will be provided Compression Shirts and a Baseball hat during check-ins

A: Athletes will need to bring their bat, glove, helmet, rubber cleats (NO METAL), tennis shoes and water

A: Catchers, please bring your own gear!

Are parents / spectators allowed to watch?

Yes, dependent of venues gate charges will vary from $7 – $15 per event per day to watch. 

Will I be able to receive a refund if my athlete can no longer attend the combine?

No, all sales are final. Gear bags will be available for pick up day of event.


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